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Live Plant Leasing For Your Business

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We would love to make an appointment to look at your space. The proper plant selection begins with careful analysis of the enviroment. How much light is in the area, how hot or cold will it be, how much traffic will pass, and what size will the plant need to be (tall or short or fat).Then we try to match the plants with the decor, oriental, traditional, etc.Should there be multiple plants or a single plant, what color should the plant be. Plants come in different shades of green. What use will the plant have, a corner plant, a room dividing plant, an accent plant to furniture. Good plant service assures the beauty of your plants and the atmoshpere of your business. With our maintenance program your plants will stand out . 




Our maintenance program includes:
Watering and feeding as required on a weekly basis.
Inspection for and eradication of insects and diseases.
Trimming as necessary to preserve shape and health.
Cleaning and polishing of foliage as often as possible
Removal of dirt and litter from ground covering to maintain neatness.
Rotation of plant position for re-orientation to light as required for balanced foliage.
We guarantee to replace at no cost any plant which does not remain in attractive condition or which loses its original shape through leaf drop or excessive growth. 

Our in stock container, you can choose from our wicker selection. More upscale containersare available at an additional cost. We can order brass, fiberglass, and ceramic containers. All containers are fully lined to save your floors.



poinsettia tree